As I am adjusting to these new forms (new to me anyway) of social communication I can’t help but feeling overwhelmed by it all.  I knew some of these social media tools were out there, however the complexity of it all has me overwhelmed and wanting to run for the cyber doors.  As an avid Facebook user I am ok with the simplicity of one social media source, however this week has proven challenging for me to come to terms with all the other social media outlets in the world and attempt to locate my creative side.

As with everything, I am sure I will eventually come to terms with all this social media technology and embrace it as best I can.  One thing is for sure though, I am definitely excited for this crazy adventure to unlock the many doors I’m sure it will open.


A real poopy day…..

Potty training and 4 month olds, what more can I say.  My almost 2 year old son has almost got the hang of the potty except when it comes to pooping.  He seems to elude me every time when it comes to number 2 on the potty.  Every time i think i have his “schedule” he trumps me, because of this he ends up pooping in his underwear from time to time,  not a big deal to me because they have to learn somehow.  Today he has pooped in his underwear twice, not a big deal, at least he told me right after he did it.

Additionally, on top of my two year old’s pooping incidents, my 4 months old decides he is going to also poop up a storm today which includes poop all the way up his back, the change table and on me as i’m trying to clean up.

A real poopy day 🙂