A real poopy day…..

Potty training and 4 month olds, what more can I say.  My almost 2 year old son has almost got the hang of the potty except when it comes to pooping.  He seems to elude me every time when it comes to number 2 on the potty.  Every time i think i have his “schedule” he trumps me, because of this he ends up pooping in his underwear from time to time,  not a big deal to me because they have to learn somehow.  Today he has pooped in his underwear twice, not a big deal, at least he told me right after he did it.

Additionally, on top of my two year old’s pooping incidents, my 4 months old decides he is going to also poop up a storm today which includes poop all the way up his back, the change table and on me as i’m trying to clean up.

A real poopy day 🙂


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