Happy Dance

crying babyWhen I got pregnant with my first child, my daughter, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I knew babies cried and all that stuff but what I didn’t realize was how I was going to have to effectively learn to communicate with her, obviously she couldn’t talk, all she could do was cry to get her point across.

Soon I realized we could I could both use our facial expression to let each other know when we were happy, tired, upset or when one of us needed something. I had it pretty lucky with my daughter, she was and still is an easy read.

I learned what when she cried at night and I can in her room tired and upset that I wasn’t getting enough sleep that if I showed that frustration she cried more, it upset her that I was upset, “Watch a baby just as he or she starts to cry, and you’ll often see the frontalis, pars medialis, shoot up, as if it were on a string”. Once I figured this out I would start going into her room with a HUGE smile on my face, sometimes I would even dance to let her know I was happy to come get her, eventually she understood my facial expression of happiness and would stop crying when I came to get her.  Therefore, I started to employ this tactic on a regular basis.  After three babies, it worked on two, lol.

Moreover, in addition to learning how to communicate with an infant my husband and I were also trying to learn a new form of communication between ourselves. Neither of us had done this before and neither of us knew the power of no sleep and a crying infant could have on our lives.

Four years later and being on my third maternity leave in a four year period my husband and I struggle every day to effectively communicate and every day is a new learning experience for us as a family, our emotional intelligence has growing leaps and bounds and as a couple we have jumped off so many emotional cliffs and risked everything emotionally and mentally to be where we are today, I wouldn’t change it for the world “Recall that each person you now know and love was once a stranger to you. Can you imagine your life without them? Was it worth the risk to take that leap of faith to welcome them in?”


My three greatest joys in life





Malcolm Gladwell, The naked Face



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